What is WPC?

WPC is an abbreviation for wood plastic composite which is an integration of recycled material of thermoplastics and wood fiber.

The material earned its way into the market 12 years ago and it is still a first generation material and is ideal for various home uses which include fencing, making outdoor floors, making the frames of doors and windows among other uses.

The material is very significant in this modern day times if you are looking for materials that are long lasting flexible and have an aesthetic appeal. Since it is resistant to rot and does not retain water, you are sure that degradation will not take a toll on this material.

Efforts to make your home environmental friendly by recycling is well placed as this material is 100% recycled and environmental friendly and you can brag to all your friends about the strides you have made to go green

Characteristics of WPC that make it suitable for decking

WPC decking is a common practice all over the world and is sought for by homeowners and business makers because of the following features

· No maintenance required.

Unlike other materials used for decking, this material requires very little maintenance. While other materials require painting, trimming, fixing and treatment for rotting, this material does not require any of such maintenance and it therefore helps you save cost in the long end.

· Secure for use.

This type of material when used on places like floors is very safe. This is because you do not have to worry about polish or other type of slipping agents terrorizing your children or the elderly in your house causing them to fall. The material is anti slip and you are therefore guaranteed that the people in your house are safe.

· Lasts for long

The material is made out of durable material that can help it last for a long time. This is definitely a worthy investment and if you are looking forward to use WPC decking you can be sure that it will last for long.

· Value increase for your home

If you may for one reason or the other wish to offer your house for sale then you ill be sure to fetch it for a higher price as the WPC material is aesthetic in appearance. It increases value for your home by giving it a finer look and an elegant appearance.

· Comes in an array of colors’

WPC comes in an array of choice colors and you can use a variety of colors for wpc decking or use a single color to complement your home area. Either way, you are assured that your dream home will come alive with the choice colors availed with the WPC 

· Flexible

WPC as a choice material is extremely flexible unlike other decking material like wood which has a specific orientation. The composite material can be bent to any shape a restructured to any form of shape making it ideal for any home improvement projects.